Design Consultation

Good architecture should not require a large budget or a full service. For those looking for some advice, ideas and direction on how to start your project we can provide you with a design consultation. Practice director Conor Slack will visit your home/site, take some time to engage with you to establish how you live, help formulate a brief, walk the property to understand the limitations and then sit down to discuss designs and how to solve the problems. We offer this as a half day or full day service.

‘We own a semi-detached house in Galway and were always struggling for space. We thought the only option was to move but after a half day consultation with Conor we realised that what we really needed was to reorganise the house. Conor helped us make some small internal changes that changed the way we thought about the house and how we use it. In the end we didn’t need to move or extend and we are very happy with the new layout.’

‘We had been thinking about building a small extension for years but never took the plunge. We had too many ideas so couldn’t figure out what would work best. We thought we were going to build an extension at the back but after a consultation with Tribe Architects that all changed. Conor completely changed the way we looked at the house and made us realise that the existing layout could be so much better. We went from thinking we needed a big extension to just adding on a small amount but redesigning a lot of the interior of the house. We are very happy with the service.‘